Tracking/mixing: 27" iMac
iMac 27" with Thunderbolt RAID drive
Mastering Computer: Macbook Pro 15" with SSD drive
Pro Tools 11 (64-bit) with Command 8 Control Surface
Full compliment of software including Altiverb, Ivory, Antares Auto-Tune, Ethnomusic, and bundles by Waves, Soundtoys, AIR

Apogee Symphony I/O Interface with Thunderbridge
Burl B2 Analog to Digital Converter
Mytek 192 DSD DAC Black Mastering Edition

Spiral Groove Studio One Monitors with Parasound Amplification
Chris Pelonis Signature Series Model 42's with matching subwoofer
Equator D5's
Audeze LCD-3 Headphones with Schiit Mjolnir Headphone Amplifier
SPL Monitor and Talkback Controller
Audio Technica ATH M50 (4)

Manley Gold Reference Stereo
Brauner VM1--matched pair
Royer SF-24 Active Stereo Ribbon
Neumann U87
Flexible Audio (FLEA) 47 Next
Manley Reference Cardioid
Schoeps CMC64 Matched Pair
Shure KSM32 (2)
Heil PR40
Shure SM57
Cascade Victor (Lundahl)
Shure SM7B

Manley TNT (2)
D.W. Fearn VT-2 Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamplifier
NPNG QMP-4NW 4 Channel Microphone Preamplifier
Grace M103

Outboard Gear
Burl B32 Vancouver Summing Mixer
Manley Vari-Mu Stereo Compressor
DW Fearn VT-7 Stereo Compressor
Manley Massive Passive Stereo EQ
Retro Instruments 2A3 Pultec-style Equalizer
Manley MicMAID Microphone/Preamp Selector

Casio Privia PX-5S 88 Key Hammer Action Weighted Keyboard
M-Audio Axiom

Artist Amenities
Full Kitchen
WiFi with wireless printing
Artist Lounge
Lifecycle Professional Elliptical Machine
Private Restroom and Shower


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